A1 Egg Rolls (2) 春卷 2.95
A2 Vegetable Egg Rolls (2) 素春卷 2.95
A3 Fried Dumplings Pot Stickers (6) 锅贴 8.95
A4 Barbecued Spare ribs 烤棑骨 8.95
A5 Barbecued pork Mandarin Style 叉烧 7.95
A6 Fried Jumbo Shrimp (8) 炸大明虾 8.95
A7 Chicken Lettuce Wraps 鸡松包 8.95
A8 Paper Wrapped Chicken 纸包鸡 6.95
A9 Fried Cream Cheese Wonton (10) 炸起司云吞 5.95
A10 Shanghai Steamed Bun (8) 小笼包 8.95
A11 Edamame 毛豆 4.95


* S1 Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣汤 2.95
S2 Egg Drop Soup 蛋花汤 2.95
S3 Wonton Soup 云吞汤 2.95
S4 Wor Wonton Soup (2) 涡云吞汤 7.95
S5 Crab Meat Gold Corn Soup (2) 蟹肉玉米汤 7.95
 S6 Three Flavor Sizzling Rice Soup (2) 三鲜锅巴汤 9.95
 S7 Chicken Gold Com Soup (2) 玉米鸡汤 7.95
S8 Spinach & Bean Curd Soup (2) 菠菜豆腐汤 6.95


D1 Crispy Duck 香酥鸭 (H) 16.95 (W) 32.95
D2 Famous Smoked Duck 樟茶鸭 (H) 17.95 (W) 34.95
 D3 Peking Duck 北京鸭 (H)20.95(W)39.95


C1 Chicken with Cashew Nut 腰果鸡 12.95
C2 Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡 12.95
* C3 Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings 椒盐鸡翅 12.95
C4 Lemon Chicken 柠檬鸡 12.95
* C5 Chicken Szechuan Style 四川鸡 12.95
* C6 Crispy Garlic Chicken 溜炒鸡 12.95
* C7 Orange Peel Flavor Chicken 陈皮鸡 12.95
* C8 Curry Chicken 咖喱鸡 12.95
C9 Chicken with Snow Peas 雪豆鸡 12.95
C10 Sweet and Sour Chicken 咕咾鸡 12.95
C11 Almond Chicken 杏仁鸡 12.95
C12 Green Pepper Chicken 青椒鸡 12.95
* C13 General Tso Chicken 佐中鸡 12.95
C14 Ginger Onion Chicken 姜葱鸡 12.95
C15 Mushroom Chicken 蘑菇鸡 12.95
C16 Chicken Chow Mein 鸡炒面 12.95
C17 Honey Walnut Chicken 核桃鸡 13.95

Moo shu

(Served with real thin handmade pancakes and exotic hoisin sauce)
M1 Moo Shu Pork 木须肉 12.95
M2 Moo Shu Chicken 木须鸡 12.95
M3 Moo Shu Beef 木须牛 13.95
M4 Moo Shu Shrimp 木须虾 14.95


* B1 Orange Peel Flavor Beef 陈皮牛 13.95
B2 Sizzling Beef 铁板牛 13.95
* B3 Crispy Beef 干煸牛 13.95
B4 Sesame Beef 芝麻牛 13.95
B5 Mongolian Beef 葱爆牛 13.95
* B6 Kung Pao Beef 宫保牛 13.95
B7 Beef with Snow Peas 雪豆牛 13.95
B8 Broccoli Beef 芥兰牛 13.95
* B9 Ginger Green Onion Beef 姜葱牛 13.95
B10 Black Mushroom Beef 冬菇牛 13.95
B11 Green Pepper Beef 青椒牛 13.95
* B12 Szechwan String Bean W. Beef 四季豆牛 13.95
B13 Beef Chow Mein 牛炒面 13.95
 * B14 Sizzling Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper sauce 铁板黑椒牛柳 25.95


P1 Mongolian Pork 葱爆肉 12.95
* P2 Yu-Hsiang Pork 鱼香肉 12.95
* P3 Kong-Pao Pork 宫保肉 12.95
P4 Sweet And Sour Pork 咕咾肉 12.95
P5 Roast Pork Chow Mein 叉烧炒面 12.95
P6 Barbecued Pork With Snowpeas 雪豆叉烧肉 12.95
* P7 String Bean Szechuan Style With Pork 四季豆肉 12.95
* P8 Bean Curd Szechuan Style With Pork 麻婆豆腐 12.95


* S1 Salt And Pepper Shrimp 椒盐虾 18.95
S2 Ginger Onion Shrimp 姜葱虾 18.95
S3 Crispy Garlic Shrimp 溜炒虾 18.95
S4 Shrimp With Cashew Nut 腰果虾 18.95
S5 Honey Walnut Shrimp 核桃虾 18.95
* S6 Kung-Pao Shrimp 宫保虾 18.95
S7 Chefs Shrimp 油爆虾 18.95
S8 Shrimp In Black Bean Sauce 豉汁虾 18.95
S9 Shrimp With Snow Peas 雪豆虾 18.95
S10 Sizzling Shrimp 铁板虾 18.95
S11 Shrimp With Lobster Sauce 虾龙糊 18.95
S12 Sweet And Sour Shrimp 甜酸虾 18.95
S13 Shrimp Chow Mein 虾炒面 18.95
* S14 Sizzling Scallops 铁板干贝 18.95
S15 Chefs Scallops 油爆干贝 20.95
* S16 Yu-Hsiang Scallops 鱼香干贝 20.95
* S17  Kung-Pao Scallops 宫保干贝 20.95
S18 Black Bean w. Fillet 豆豉魚片 16.95
S19 Chefs Fillet 油爆魚片 16.95
* S20 Kung-Pao Fillet 宫保鱼片 16.95
S21 Sweet and Sour Sole Fish 松鼠龙利 18.95

Live Seafood

(The Following Served On Advanced Order Only)
S26 Sauteed Live Crab with Rice Cake 肉蟹炒年糕 Seasonal
S27 Steamed Live Fish 清蒸鱼 Seasonal
S28 Braised Crab In Ginger And Onion 姜葱炒肉蟹 Seasonal
S29 Lobster Teriyaki Noodle 龙虾伊面 Seasonal
S30 Lobster In Black Bean Sauce 豆豉龙虾 Seasonal


(Shrimp & Scallop)
H1 Double Happiness 油爆两样 19.95
H2 Double Happiness on Sizzling Platter 铁板两样 19.95
H3 Double Happiness in Black Bean Sauce 鼓汁两样 19.95
* H4 Double Happiness in Curry Sauce 咖喱两样 19.95
* H5 Double Happiness Kung Pao Style 宫保两样 19.95
H6 Double Happiness with Cracking Rice 锅巴两样 19.95


V1 Buddha’s Delight 素什锦 10.95
V2 Mushroom with Bamboo Shoot 炒双冬 10.95
V3 Vegetable Chow Mein 素炒面 10.95
V4 Eggplant with Brown Sauce 红烧茄子 10.95
* V5 Eggplant Szechuan Style 鱼香茄子 10.95
V6 Broccoli in Oyster Sauce with Tofu 芥兰豆腐 10.95
V7  Tofu with Black Mushroom 冬菇豆腐 10.95
V8 Stir Fried Pea Sprouts with Garlic 蒜蓉大豆苗 16.95
V9 Snow peas with Beans Sprouts 雪豆芽菜 10.95
* V10 Szechwan String Bean 干煸四季豆 10.95
V11 Vegetable Egg Foo Young 素芙蓉蛋 10.95
* V12 Bean Curd Family Style 家常豆腐 10.95


F1 Deluxe Fried Rice 什锦炒饭 12.95
F2 Beef Fried Rice 牛肉炒饭 10.95
F3 Chicken Fried Rice 鸡炒饭 10.95
F4 Roast Pork Fried Rice 叉烧炒饭 10.95
F5 Vegetable Fried Rice 素炒饭 9.95
F6 Steam Rice 白饭 $1.50 L$3.00
F7 Brown Rice 黄米饭 $2.00 L$4.00
F8 Shrimp Fried Rice 虾炒饭 14.95
F9 Yangzhou Fried Rice. 扬州炒饭 14.95


N1 Vegetable Lo Mein 素捞面 9.95
N2 Chicken Lo Mein 鸡捞面 10.95
N3 Beef Lo Mein 牛肉捞面 10.95
N4 Pork Lo Mein 叉烧捞面 10.95
N5 Deluxe Noodle 什锦捞面 12.95
N6 Vegetable Pan Fried Noodle 素两面黄 12.95
N7 Shanghai Pan Fried Noodle 上海粗炒面 12.95
N8 Chicken Pan Fried Noodle 鸡两面黄 12.95
N9 Beef Pan Fried Noodle 牛两面黄 12.95
N10 Shrimp Lo Mein 虾捞面 12.95
N11 Pork Pan Fried Noodle 叉烧两面黄 12.95
N12 Deluxe Pan Fried Noodle 什锦两面黄 14.95
N13 Beef Chow Fun 干炒牛河 12.95
N14 Singapore Fried Rice Noodle 星洲炒米粉 14.95


D1 Crispy Red Bean Cake 豆沙锅饼 4.95
D2 Sweet-Scented Rice Ball Soup 酒酿汤圆 8.95
D3 Cheese Cake 起司蛋糕 3.95